WIN Time Pros and Cons


Connor May

An overcrowded area is usually the small gym because many people like to play basketball and hang out in there.

Parker Tieman, Reporter

Win time is a very good idea and has given students lots of opportunities to do what they want during lunch. Students can study to get their grades up. Win time is great catch up time, decompress time, and socializing time, but there are areas that can be fixed. One problem is not everything is open and there is lots of crowding. 

“I get my work done,” Mackenzie Manning (’25) said. “I have less stress because if I need to study for a test, I can use that WIN Time to help me.”

In the small gym, where kids play basketball there is not enough space for everyone to play, so some kids aren’t able to play when they want. It is hard to find games in the gym that are even teams, so kids are not able to play. 

“The only thing we can do is basketball there, “Isaac Rogers (’25) said. “I get to play with friends and it helps me by getting my energy out.”

To fix a lot of the overcrowding would be to open up more things and let kids go into more things. If the small gym and big gym were open for basketball, that would solve a lot of the crowding in there. 

One of the best parts of WIN Time is the opportunity to meet with teachers.

“WIN Time is amazing,” Eliana Weiler (’25) said. “I am not going to be here tomorrow, and I was able to go around to all of my teachers during WIN Time to make sure I was prepared for my absence.”

In the auditorium, there are lots of kids that take naps or hang out with friends. There are some days when the auditorium isn’t open and those kids don’t have anywhere to go. Some kids need time to decompress. 

Win time has been pretty crowded lately and there are some students that don’t like it. 

“I don’t like how crowded it gets in the cafeteria because most people want to eat before they do anything else,” Will Sachs (’25) said.

Hopefully, students will start utilizing the blue lunch time instead.

“Win time is great and I love it, but when it’s crowded and stuff is closed then it’s not as good,”  James Thompson (’25) said. 

Win time has helped students a lot and is a great idea, but there are some problems that could be fixed that would make win time a lot more enjoyable. Administration is working on solutions to help with this and they enjoy hearing the suggestions of teachers, staff and students.