Grizzlies Volleyball Spiking Into Gear


Vanessa Jennerjohn

Natalie Bishop (’24) hits the ball on the return scoring a point for the Grizzlies.

Ava Montgomery, Reporter

The girls volleyball team had a rough start, but has recently been making the best comeback. The girls game Sept. 9 was an incredible win against Maplewood. The girls worked hard to achieve their success and earned it. All three teams won. The next matchup was Troy and the freshman won in two sets, JV lost a close one, and varsity fell 9-25 the first set, 21-25 the second set, and 16-25 the third set.  

The girls love their team so much and say their coach is such an amazing coach. He knows how to teach these young girls how to become successful in volleyball.

 “I have been learning a lot of new skills this year and have improved so much as a person already and have made a ton of new friends just through volleyball,” Natalie Bishop (‘24) said.

Most people on the team agree. These girls are super nice and supportive of each other and that makes them play better. They are always cheering each other on and even after a mistake they still support one other. Practices are no joke though. These volleyball players put a lot of effort into practices in order to do well in their game. They have volleyball practice pretty much every night.

“They’re really are no breaks and we practice 2-2 1/2 hours a day,” Catie Wolf (‘24) said.

Even  though the workouts are tough, they are worth it.

“We like to have fun at practice, but we use our time wisely to get better as a team,” Anna Berkbigler (‘25) said

The girls love it though, it gives them something to do and look forward to. To sum it up, the girls volleyball team is off to an amazing start this school year, we are all cheering you on. Go grizzlies!