A Great Start for the Soccer Program


Sydney Swanson

The varsity team placed second place at the St. Dominic Tournament, which was a draw, but determined by goal differential.

Parker Tieman, Reporter

The North Point varsity soccer team is off to a very good start after getting second place in a JV tournament and winning their first varsity game. The young squad has no seniors and only two juniors and they still are competitive with teams with seniors.

“I had confidence in my team, but going up against seniors is scary,” Alex Lacke (’25) said. 

In the first varsity soccer game, North Point came out with the win 3-0, with a hat trick from Alex Lacke. The team also got second place in a junior varsity tournament, winning two and tying one.

“We were able to bond so quickly and able to play so good really fast,” Isaac Polman said.

Ever since the first practice, the coaches have been saying we aren’t trying to win every game, but we are trying to build a team and learn. The young team is showing good signs from early this year, but there is still a lot to learn.

With one game down, the team has to win a few more to prove themselves. They need to win against tough competition. 

Wednesday night the grizzlies were defeated for the first time. It was a tough loss against a lot of seniors. The team was beat 1-2, but learned lots about how to go up against older players.

“The may be bigger than us, older than us and stronger than us, but what we lack in size, we make up for in passion and a love for the game,” Gavin April.

After the game, the team was upset, but they remain positive.

“I feel like we can improve on a lot of things and we need to stay positive,” Caden Hof (‘23) said.

Even after the loss, the team is still off to a good start with only one loss and one tie. The team has bonded very fast and very well. They have become friends since the start of the practices.

The young team has a lot of games ahead and hopes to improve by playing against the tougher competition. They plan to remain optimistic on their shooting ability,  to keep winning.