Law, Crimes, and Justice: a Field Trip


During the field trip, students received a fitting momento of their experience.

The end of the school year is here. This school year, many opportunities are in store for students such as prom, campaigns, and even field trips. Field trips are a fun way to give students a chance to learn and explore certain subjects while getting hands-on experience. One class took a trip including a number of stops around town to get a better feel for the Justice System.

This trip is a great way to prepare future students who want to be involved in the jails or other branches of the justice system and even inspired some, “I feel like I can help people better that way and better communication skills and learn how to read a room,” Cody Brewer (‘23) said.

One of the first exciting stops students went to was a police station located just here in Wentzville, with the Criminal Justice teacher, Mrs. Ohlms. Students got the experience of being put in handcuffs, feeling the weight of body vests, sitting in a police vehicle, and even giving them a front-row experience of being in a holding cell. Students got a full tour of the police station and were taught how fingerprinting and DNA testing works, along with other crime-solving skills and techniques.

Some enjoyed it and even brought back some advice, “Don’t go to jail,” Brewer (‘23) said. 

Another major event that took place on this trip was going to a courthouse and witnessing a real-life court case. This allows students to prepare for the future, teaches them lessons and gives them a look into courthouse procedures and expectations. 

During these court cases, students were given the opportunity to witness how fines are settled, how a person gets released from jail, and the questions and legal procedures an inmate would have to go through once they are released. The courthouse journey didn’t last long but it gave them the experience of the system. 

After being in the courts, students went to a real-life jail. Employees at the jail gave students a tour of the place, explained routines, and showed them a little bit of how the jail operates. Students got to see inmates, cell blocks, padded cells, and how officers restrain an inmate acting erratically. He was cursing and trying to avoid restraint.

Overall, the field trip was a new experience for many and fitting for the Criminal Justice class course. Students brought back memories and a view of what it is like behind the scenes of a crime being charged. Hopefully, for all, this was a field trip worth remembering.