Another Quaint Look Into A.I.


Artificial intelligence has very much started to gain mainstream attention.

Luke Chipley, Copy Editor

As we have witnessed the astounding growth in popularity of A.I. in the media as well as in our daily lives, much praise has been given, as well as lots of criticism. Even when it first started gaining a small bit of the attention it gains now, it was definitely a source of controversy between individuals.

It has been months since we have seen its upward trajectory in usage, and that usage has been for many different things. Many have used A.I. to manipulate the voices of any famous people (the most recent three presidents of the United States, and rappers such as Ye, to name a few)  and make them say whatever they want as a trend. There has also still been a persistent popularity in A.I. art. Even apps such as Snapchat are promoting artificial intelligence to their users with the new A.I. chat setting, like a ChatGPT replica of sorts.

If I had to look at the overall pros of this rise, I would say that lots of these new features of artificial intelligence can bring a sense of innocent entertainment on social media platforms. I actually enjoy a lot of the comedy that comes from these features, primarily on apps such as Tik Tok or Youtube’s “Shorts” feature.

However, there are some cons. For instance, the A.I. chat feature on Snapchat has already led to some very alarming information and red flags to be aware of, such as questionable or even “creepy” exchanges to Snapchat users who have texted the system.

While the manipulated voices of certain celebrities singing random songs or doing something else is funny, I do think that there has been a rise in thoughts of using them for more than fun purposes, but to make profit with music. It is sort of like how many used A.I. art, and how there have been situations of winning contests instead of actual art pieces.

However, like the A.I. art situation sort of dying down as of recently, hopefully these new issues will die down, and be perceived as no serious movement.

With A.I. becoming way more mainstream than ever, there have been some fun highs, and some concerning lows. However, full caution has been thrown into the air by this point, so I hope that nothing more dangerous will happen.