The Benefits of a Four-Day School Week


Clarissa Rangle

Many students agree with the districts that have a four-day school week.

Clarissa Rangle, Reporter

We all know that students go to school Monday-Friday, but what would be the benefits of students having a three-day weekend with Fridays? There would not be benefits for just students, but teachers and staff members as well. It would also be beneficial to the district as it would save money.

Students go to school from the early hours of the morning to the afternoon. We attend multiple classes a day with only one break. We have limited access to do anything like use the restroom, get water, eat, etc. We are assigned multiple assignments per class and our eyes are hooked to computers most of the day because of the newest technology that allows us to do almost everything and anything on a computer. Looking at computer screens for too long can lead to damaged eye nerves and bad eyesight. It also affects certain parts of the brain, causing us to not process information entirely. 

Mental health is also a big part of people’s life and society today. Schools always advocate for mental health awareness, but they don’t do anything besides suggest talking to a counselor instead of finding the root of the problems. According to resources, one in four teens will experience mental illnesses that result in severe impairment. If schools want to try and do something to help, they should give students Fridays off or every other Friday off so they have a break and have more time to do things such as study for upcoming tests, catch up on missing assignments and homework, spend time with family and friends, and even have more time to ourselves. 

Having Fridays off would also be beneficial for teachers. I am sure teachers go through just as much as students. Teachers are surrounded by kids and or teenagers most of the day and most of the week with only two days for themselves. Teachers and staff members don’t even get off on days when students are most of the time. They usually have to attend meetings and do paperwork and other work activities. Teachers seem pretty much drained by the end of the week and even more drained by the end of the year. Then, when school starts back up again they look relaxed and cheerful and actually happy to do their job because they got the summer vacation and weren’t annoyed with kids every day for the stupid stuff they often do.