National Poetry Month


April is a month that can be devoted to poetry.

Luke Chipley, Copy Editor

Poetry is a writing style as well as a piece of media that often gets overlooked in the modern world we live in. While it is revered by quite a few people, it does not get as much appreciation as other ways to portray or create media. However, to celebrate the impact that poetry has had on writing as we comprehend it, April has been given a title of National Poetry Month.

Poetry is a style of writing that can often be underlooked in our modern media age as of today, despite how expressive and abstract it can portray things such as emotions, settings, events, and more.

Our school library staff has taken it upon themselves to dedicate a week of celebrating poetry through some fun activities. Mrs. Brockman, the lead librarian at our school, gave a some insight on what will be held.

“We are doing stuff all this week in the lab in the library,” Brockman said. “We have blackout poetry, magazine poetry, magnetic poetry, paint chip poetry-”

There is even a game dedicated to Taylor Swift.

“A ‘Poer Swift’ game which is really really fun actually,”  Brockman said. “to guess whether or not a lyric or a quote is from Taylor Swift or Edgar Allen Poe.”

A great modern book that delves into poetry is “Little Pills” by Melody Dodds; a quiet and reflective story about a 17 year old girl suffering from family issues, and a drug addiction that slowly grows. It is a short yet interesting read, with a poetic writing style that manifests in many strange passages of writing to further progress the plot. It is a small book that is also pretty powerful in its morals and messages.

Of course, there are also classic poets such as Edgar Allen Poe, or even people such as William Shakespeare, with stories such as “Romeo and Juliet” and “Hamlet” having very poetic dialogue.

While not the most popular style of writing, poetry is still revered and remains to be an extremely important style in our writing history, and it is these events and books that highlight its importance.