The Tik Tok Trials


The app “Tik Tok” could possibly be banned from the USA.

Luke Chipley, Copy Editor

For the longest time, Tik Tok has been at risk of becoming banned in the U.S., all the way back since 2020 when Donald Trump attempted to take it away by executive order.  However, the ban actually never successfully went through the executive system of our government, causing it to not happen.

However, a bit over halfway through Biden’s term of presidency in early 2023, we are finally hearing news of there being court hearings in order to truly determine whether the popular app should or should not get banned in the United States. Suspicions have risen, ever since the upbringing of the app, by many (mostly adults) that the creators behind it have been committing treacherous activities behind the scenes.

The app is owned and run by an internet technology company in China known as “ByteDance,” and has been under fire from the media and people all around the world for possibly tracking a Tik Tok user’s data from their devices. This is something most apps use for advertising purposes or other minor things.

However, Tik Tok has been under heavy suspicion that it is tracking any user’s data, and possibly for rather more nefarious purposes, and now the Biden Administration is taking action in court against the company and its owner, Zhang Yiming.

While there has been no final result as of creating this article, there are some new ideas to keep in mind if the app is banned. Using a VPN to access Tik Tok and evading censorship could bring large consequences with a one million dollar fine, and 20 years of prison time.

With this in mind, this could not just be a ban on the app of Tik Tok, but could be an entire change in the media of privacy and censorship in the U.S. in the distant future.