Boys Tennis Preview


Addison Nutt

Jackson Creech (’26) is swinging into his new tennis season.

Alaina Mahoney, Reporter

The boys tennis team is coming back this season and stronger, with all of the new additions to the team they increase in size and skill. The school is expecting good things from the boys after the result of the girls team during the fall.

“Our conditioning is very beneficial,” Jackson Creech (‘26) said. “I think it will definitely help during our season because we’re practicing like on our swing and stuff.”

Creech is a freshman who made junior varsity and has been playing since last year and is very excited to continue his tennis career while playing for high school.

The boys on this year’s tennis team are working really hard to make sure they’re putting their best foot forward making sure they start off the season strong. Everyone at school is looking forward to a great season from the tennis team. They have been hard-working and dedicated each day, even when it seems tough or they don’t want to do it. They are out there on the courts, working their hardest.

“I am anticipating continued growth and a large amount of success from this boys tennis team,” Coach Brendan Telker said. “We have fourteen returning players, seven new players, and a mixture of upperclassmen as well as underclassmen. I think that the level of talent along with our experience will be important as we progress through the season.”

As the head coach for both boys and girls tennis, Brendan Telker is expecting a lot from the boys this season. Hopefully, they can live up to those expectations. 

The managers help at practices and get a sneak preview of how the season is going to go.

“There is room for improvement this season,” manager Braelyn Trager (‘25) said.

We are excited to see what they do.