Girls Soccer Preview


Addison Nutt

2023 Season

Addison Nutt, Reporter

With spring sports starting up, we are preparing to cheer on our girls soccer team as they get ready for their first game against Timberland on March 17.

To prepare for this game, the girls are working hard on their cardio, conditioning and scrimmage. 

“Training prepared me and got me in shape,” Madelyn Niswonger (26) said. “I already see a difference in my playing.” 

 With Kylee Grant (KG) coaching JV Girls Soccer and Gregory Schroder coaching the varsity team, these girls are on the highway towards success. 

 “With KG as a coach, I can see myself already improving,” Isabella Petry (26) said. “She’s extremely understanding and I’m excited to spend this soccer season with her as my coach.” 

Not only are the girls working hard on their skills on the field, but also on their connection as a team. If you ask any student athlete, team building is one of the most important things to be a great team. And the girls have shown great communication and team building skills just two-weeks into the season.

“We’re already pretty good, but if we get even better we are going to work amazing together,” Petry said

When asked about how they felt about their upcoming games against Timberland, the girls couldn’t help but smile. 

“I’m confident in our game against timberland, because I know we are going to try our best,” Niswonger said.

They are excited to play against Timberland, not because they knew it was going to be easy, but because they were up for the challenge. This team is ready to prove themselves and show that just because North Point is new doesn’t mean it isn’t unstoppable. 

If you want to see these fearless grizzlies battle the Timberland Wolves, the game is here on our football field. JV plays at 4:30pm and Varsity plays at 6:15pm. Be there to cheer on our future champions