FCCLA Spirit Week


These are items that you can bring throughout this week.

Luke Chipley, Copy Editor

The “FCCLA Spirit Week” is coming up very soon as January comes to a close and February begins. To celebrate, Mrs. Hill and the rest of the FCCLA group will be conducting this week with some fun dress challenges to celebrate.

There will also be opportunities to bring clothing donations throughout the week as well.

Please make sure to dress appropriately throughout this fun week.

Starting the week is “PJ Day.” Surely there needs no explanation, bring some of your night clothing to school to feel like you’re at home throughout the day.

Tuesday will be “Decades” day. Each grade, along with the teachers, will be given different decades from the 60’s to the 2000’s, and whichever one you are assigned, you can wear clothing similar to what people wore back in that decade. Ninth graders will be given the 60’s, 10th graders will be given the 70’s, 11th grade will be given the 80’s, 12th grade will be given the 90’s, and teachers will be given the 2000s.

Wednesday will be “Alien V.S. Cowboy” day. You can either dress up as a traditional cowboy or dress as an alien.

Thursday will be much more of a simple prompt, “Plaid/Flannel” day, a day where you can bring some comfortable plaid or flannel clothing to school.

Friday is going to be “Adam Sandler Day,” come to school dressed up as the iconic actor himself, or maybe in outfits of movies that he acted in. However, please remember to be appropriate with this one and all of the other days this week.

As said before, throughout the week there will be a big opportunity to support the FCCLA by donating new or gently used clothing to our North Point USAgain clothing bin at the back parking lot of the school. If you have clothing that isn’t used much, you could possibly bring it to that bin, or if you want to buy clothing and put that in the bin, that is encouraged as well.

If you decide to donate, make sure to put your items in plastic bags, and not to stack them with other bags, as we want our school parking lot to look clean. The expectations in clothing can be seen from the picture above showing a checklist and clothing categories.

We hope everyone can enjoy this fun week and think about supporting the FCCLA through this event. Remember to keep clothing appropriate throughout this week and to follow the requirements of donating clothing.