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Devin Taylor (’23) drives past Aiden Vandegriffe (’24) to the paint to make the shot.

Blue and Orange Scrimmage

The winter blue and orange scrimmage was a great way to start off the season for both basketball and wrestling. This scrimmage took place before the regular season on November 15, as a way for our teams to show off their skills. It was a good way for teammates to bond with each other and learn how they play as individuals and as a team. 

“It was good and competitive and helped me realize what I need to improve on”, Shawn Rogers (‘24) said.

 Having the scrimmage before the season helps players to better understand what they need to improve and change.

“We got to go over a lot of plays before the season”, Tramell Mooney (‘24) said. 

He thinks the season is important because they get to go over plays and practice in a real game and not just do drills like in practice.

The wrestling and basketball scrimmages were also important because teams can experiment without the pressure of it counting and being put on their record. This allows the team to play and practice without worrying too much. It allows the athletes to participate for the love of their sport.

“I enjoy wrestling because it gives me something to do and keeps me in shape”, Alyssa Anderson (‘25) said. “A lot of my friends started wrestling and I enjoy watching it.”

The scrimmage also gets students in the audience excited about the regular season because they can see what our teams have to offer. When students are excited it gives the teams motivation to work harder so they don’t disappoint themselves and the school.

The orange and blue scrimmage was a great way to revive school spirit in both students and athletes.

“We are better than last year and still improving”, Shawn Rogers (‘25) said.

Overall, the scrimmage went well and was very competitive.

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