Album of the year

Daniel Coleman, Videographer, Editor

There were lots of great albums released this past year. With that being said, one album stood out to me that I couldn’t stop listening to this year was “Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers” By Kendrick Lamar This album goes through. many topics including things like love and what an abusive relationship in the song “We Cry Together (featuring Taylour Paige)” where it shows an abusive relationship from the point of view of both of the people involved. The song goes very deep into intense arguments between the couple to a beat that keeps you alert to what they are saying in the song.

I think the reason that this album stands out to me so much is because of how Kendrick Lamar is able to write very emotional songs that were definitely needed for a very emotional year. Every song on the album has a different yet important meaning. Each song is a work of art that people are able to relate to. being able to relate to songs is very important to me when listening to music and I can relate to several of the songs on this album.

Another album that stood out to me was “The Forever Story” By JID. This album was a very close 2nd place for me. “The Forever Story” is an album about JID’s childhood, and how he went from a college football player to a rapper. He also explains how important his family is to him in this album. The song “2007” is a song that explains his story of meeting J.Cole and getting signed to his label, it also goes through his fathers point of view a little bit too. JID’s story is able to show his listeners that anything is possible as long as you truly put your mind to it.

The only reason I put this album in second place was because I can’t relate to as many of the songs on this album as I could for “Mr Morale & the Big Steppers.” Both artists are amazing artists and if you haven’t listened to either of these albums I mentioned, I highly recommend listening to both of them.