Students New Year’s Resolutions


Students trying to figure out their New Year’s Resolutions for 2023

Holliday Palazzolo, Design editor

As we head into 2023 and begin to reminisce about the good times that each and every student had in the years prior. Students are preparing for finals, and getting ready for the start of the second semester. Other students, like our seniors, are getting ready to graduate and start heading into college in order to start making an impact on the world. We’ve all heard the term “New year’s resolutions” , a goal that we set for ourselves to start out the new year and hope to better ourselves because of it. Most of us probably don’t do new years resolutions, but with our seniors preparing for adulthood, they’re starting to set resolutions for themselves.

“I want to try eating healthier and getting my life straight by getting my grades back up, while also surrounding myself with people I love and doing my best in order to keep them with me,” Michael Murphy said.

Over the years, adults have told us: “you may have a plethora of friends now, but when you become an adult, you’ll only keep a handful of them.” This saying is very true. If you do something nice for someone, they’re not indebted to you, nor are you indebted to them if they do the same thing. You don’t love someone in hopes of a reward, you love them unconditionally, and that goes for both family and friends. The friends who truly love you are the ones who stick by you when you’re upset, notice when you’re gone, and are willing to be the shoulder you cry on.

“My biggest new year’s resolution is trying to focus on myself,” Abby McWilliams said. “2022 was filled with me trying to seek happiness from other people, and I realized that I can’t stay sitting in the darkness, waiting for someone to find me. I’m learning how to better myself and find happiness on my own terms instead of relying on other people to make me happy.”

“I want to try being more responsible for the new year now that I’m 18,” Helaina (Laney)McClanahan said. “I want to start preparing myself for adulthood by taking responsibility and bettering my attitude, not just towards my friends and family, but towards the community I walk among.”

As students prepare for finals, and start sending in their resumes so that they can get into college, new year’s resolutions are becoming more and more prominent, especially since a majority of our students are preparing for adulthood. Regardless if you have any new year’s resolutions or not, the start of the new year shouldn’t be the only time of the year where you focus on bettering yourself. If you fail your resolutions, don’t let that stop you from taking steps towards becoming a better person.