Better Sex Education

Sex Education needs a re-vamp because many are left in the dark.

Designed by Kalem Keffer

Sex Education needs a re-vamp because many are left in the dark.

Kalem Keffer, Reporter

Many girls around high school age have been told by their mostly male teachers that they can not use the bathroom and to “hold in their period”. If people were educated on this topic those teachers would in fact know that girls cannot hold it in. 

In many relationships, people are at a loss at how little their partner knows about their body and that’s because sex education isn’t taught enough as it should be. In grade schools it’s usually divided by boys and girls, girls watch the female puberty video about their bodies, and boys watch the male puberty video about their bodies, or sometimes no video at all. I feel that it is necessary for both genders to watch both videos.

I feel a man should know about a female’s body because if they have a wife or daughter they should know how to handle hormones and periods and they’re educated on the matter. And, girls should be able to handle the male hormones and learn how to adapt to them.

There are students who wish other genders knew about their bodies so they could be more informed.

“I wish they knew how periods work, and how our bodies are way different especially when we’re on our period, and like being on our period doesn’t mean we’re going to be angry the whole time,” Quinn Gates (‘26) said. “It just changes how our body is feeling at the moment.” 

Others feel that how much hair they have during puberty needs to be discussed.

“I wish they knew that hair grows more on female bodies than it does on men’s,” Scottie Chism (‘26) said. “We have a lot of hair and we can’t just like make it stop.” 

Though the boys around me didn’t really have anything that they wanted girls to know I bet that the girls have some things that they would like to know about the male body that they don’t already know.