Should students be allowed to grade their teachers?

Students should be able to grade teachers, just like teachers grade them.

Designed by Olivia Christopher

Students should be able to grade teachers, just like teachers grade them.

If students have to stress over grades. So should the teachers that give them out. Why is it fair that students have to work their hardest day in and day out to get good grades? This is mentally exhausting and physically draining. 

Students are constantly put under stress to achieve their goals. Teachers should be too. In my opinion, teachers should work just as hard as their students to get good grades. Even though they wouldn’t be getting graded on the core classes, like math or science, they would be graded on their effort and attitude towards the students. 

Students should learn to expect the same from their teachers that the teachers expect from them. At the end of the quarter, there should be a form or paper that allows students to scale their teachers. That form should then be given to them for feedback. 

This grading scale shouldn’t be used to roast teachers but instead to improve them. Just like how students get grades to improve their work ethic and learning abilities, teachers should receive this as a way to improve their teaching skills in the classroom. 

Teachers may argue that grades for them wouldn’t be necessary and that they would be biased or untrue. But honestly, that’s what students think about their grades.

If a teacher doesn’t necessarily like you and they grade you harder then they are only trying to make you better. And vice versa. 

Therefore, students should have the opportunity to grade their teachers in an unbiased way. They should grade them on their effort, attitude, respect, and listening. And this grading system should be used to improve teaching and learning. No feelings should be hurt but instead, teachers should be thankful for the feedback from students and learn to take those pointers into consideration.