Why Life360 Is Actually Helpful


Designed by Alaina Mahoney

Life360 is able to follow you wherever you go.

Alaina Mahoney, Reporter

Life360 is one of the many tracking apps that have been popular with parents lately, including mine. Parents have been sharing their own tips and tricks on different ways to navigate through the app, including on other apps like Facebook, Instagram, and just plain old text messages, which helps parents learn how to navigate through the app and learn different helpful ways to keep track of their children.

Throughout the years, location tracking has developed a ton. Parents can now watch their kids wherever they go. This is very beneficial in modern times. In the 80’s-90’s, parents never knew what could happen to their kids, and now they can make sure their child is safe and well protected. 

Now, Life360’s has a new feature: crash detection, which alerts parents when their kids are in an accident even if the kid can’t do it themselves. This is very helpful to parents if they’re kid is accident-prone or not a safe driver. I think it is very beneficial to parents who are constantly worried about their kids, but also parents who want to know where their kid is. Kids who don’t have a good habit of letting their parents know where they’re going often end up getting grounded or in trouble. My mom has had a much easier time figuring out where I am because I don’t always answer my phone. 

My mom often doesn’t even use the app, but likes to have it in case I don’t update her in time, it also helps my mom find me if I forget to give her my friend’s address so she can pick me up. It also helps me because my mom likes to ask me if I need anything but does not tell me the store so I check her location and see where she is before replying.

I think most parents should get Life360 with their kids because kids now will do anything and everything to try and sneak out whether successful or not, and if parents have kids who often sneak out or try to do things behind their backs they would get caught easier.

So not only is Life360 beneficial to parents but it could also be helpful to kids or teens.