12 Days of Christmas


All credit for this event goes to the Student Council

Luke Chipley, Copy Editor

The Christmas season has begun at our school. The halls are being decked, and everyone has a jolly attitude. To celebrate our Christmas spirit, our student council has made “12 Days of North Point Spirit,” an event to capture the joy of the holidays from all sorts of different styles.

Beginning Dec. 5, a holiday spirit week will begin. (STUCO)

This event will happen starting from December fifth all the way to December 20th, and each day will be a certain theme that any student, teacher, or any other employee can partake in by dressing up.

For instance, the first day, December fifth, is Pajama Day. It is pretty self explanatory, just come to school dressed in pajamas. On December sixth, you can dress up as your favorite holiday movie character. Do you want to dress as Santa, or Frosty the Snowman? Possibly even Kevin from “Home Alone,” it is all up to you.

Please remember, however, to keep an appropriate manner when dressing up. Not just for this day, but every single day of this fun event.

On December 12th, you can bring any sort of holiday hat. On the 19th, you can wear any sort of ugly sweater. On the 15th, you can dress as the Ghost of the Future or the Ghost of the Past.

There are lots of themes to each day throughout this event, so each day should bring lots of fun and interesting ideas.

One important event that should be talked about is the final day. On December 20th, every grade can dress up as their assigned character. The freshmen can dress as elves, the sophomores can dress as snowmen, the juniors can dress as nutcrackers, and the seniors can dress as reindeers.

Overall, it is an incredible event all around. We thank our student council for coming up with these ideas, and creating this event for all of us to have fun with as December begins to wind down, and as our winter break gets closer and closer.