Working Towards Nationals


Pizza Ranch Employee

The dance team raised money for Nationals by working hard at Pizza Ranch for a fundraiser.

Catherine Hunn and Braelyn Trager

Varsity dance has been working hard since this summer. They go to a dance camp and have practices all throughout the year. They just finished up their football season not too long ago and are now heading into basketball season.

“I like basketball season because it is easier to understand the game but I don’t like performing on the gym floor I would rather perform on turf,” Bonnie Fay said.

Throughout basketball season they are also entering their competition season. This adds lots of stress upon the girls and extra dedication. This involves practicing four days a week for two hours, sometimes Wednesdays if needed and four hour practices on Saturday.

“We put lots of effort into making our team look the best we can. Saturday practices can be hard to find motivation but I know I’m doing it for my team,” Catherine Hunn said.

The girls have been working very hard to prepare for their first competition coming up.

“With basketball season it is hard to find time but our practices involve lots of going through our dances making sure we’re all in sync,” Sofia Jasper said.

They plan on heading off to nationals located in Florida sometime in February.

“I am beyond excited to get the opportunity to attend nationals. I think it will be a major learning experience and our team will grow from it,” Sarah Saunders said.

On November 17th the girls worked at Pizza Ranch raising funds for travel expenses. They worked from 4:30-8:30 cleaning off tables and washing dishes. In total, the girls raised $611.30.

“We all worked very hard and made sure we had good attitudes and smiles to hopefully raise a good amount of money which we did,” Maddy Notestine said.

Though being on the team requires a lot of hard work, the girls are willing to stick together through tough times. They are a very close team and the atmosphere is electric.

“We have all been through good and hard times together which has grown this team closer than ever. We make sure to lift each other up as much as possible so when we’re dancing we have good chemistry together,” Victoria Heintzelman said.