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Mrs. Julie Ream teaches Horizons, which is the gifted program.

Meet Mrs. Julie Ream

As North Point’s second year, new teachers are coming in to teach and inspire the incoming students. Mrs. Julie Ream is no exception. She has been working to expand the Horizons class and help students be successful.

“In high school, Horizons is a resource room where you can hang out and eat lunch,” Ream said. “Soon we will be talking about careers and what students will do in the future after school, similar to what a counselor would do.” 

Ream loves being a teacher at this school and the others where she teaches.

“I also teach the 6th graders at Frontier Middle School and all grades at North Point Middle,” Ream said.

Teaching students about the hardships in life and how to deal with them is important to Ream. 

“I want to teach kids how to deal with failure and that it is fine to fail sometimes and to learn from their mistakes,” Ream said.

She also knows how to have fun in the classroom and build connections.

“I like creating relationships with kids through fun and engaging projects,” Ream said. “I enjoy the dynamic of doing different things every day and the flexibility.”

Ream wanted to be a teacher ever since she was a kid because of her gifted teachers.

“I really liked going to school,” Ream said. “My favorite teachers were gifted teachers. I wanted to be like the teachers that inspired me.” 

Her student loves going to her class.

“I come here to relax and do whatever,” Patrick Rese (’26) said.  “I’m the only one in here so it’s not crowded.” 

Ream hopes for a better education with more of a hands-on approach.

“I wish we could do more things outside of the classroom in a different learning environment,” Ream said.

Reams’ love and dedication don’t end when she walks out the doors of the school. It spreads to the entire world.

“ I wish the world was more peaceful and everyone had more love towards other human beings,” Ream said

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