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Ms. Kellie Foster teaches US History and Sports and Society.

Meet Ms. Kellie Foster

As year two here at North Point starts up, we are getting more and more teachers, students and staff coming to join the Grizzly Den. One of those many new faces you will see around the school is a new history teacher, Ms. Foster.

Ms. Foster wanted to be a teacher since she was little.

“I wanted to be a teacher because I have always been bossy and I am the oldest so it is a part of my personality,” Foster said.  “Being able to direct people and teaching matched my personality.”

 Ms. Foster got her degree at Mizzou. Before coming here she worked in the Hazelwood school district and taught US History and World History. Ms. Foster said she wanted to teach history because her minor was in poly-sci and she took several history classes so it was her second option. 

“I went to college at Mizzou and I loved it so much that I stayed an extra two years and I majored in journalism,” Foster said.

As well as teaching U.S history, Ms. Foster teaches Sports and Society, a new class this year.

 “I like teaching US History more than my Sports and Society class because history has always grabbed my attention and I am passionate about it,” Foster said. “I also like that I get to teach my students about their own country. I think it is important.”

 The student body is grateful that they have Ms. Foster as a teacher because she makes learning fun, easy and enjoyable for the whole class.

“Ms. Foster is a great teacher because she’s really helpful, understanding, and helps you lear,” J’kayla Lee (’25) said. “She gets straight to the point.” 

Although she is direct and bossy, she is very nice to her students.

“She is a very kind person and helps me whenever I need it and she answers all of my questions.” Kendall Segedy (’25) said.

 We are so grateful to have a teacher like Ms. Foster here at North Point. We hope that she feels very welcomed by everyone, not just her students because from what we have gathered from them, they love her.

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