Girls Golf Is Hitting It Off Great This Year



Skylar Funston (’25) watches as her ball heads to the hole. “They coaches are nice and helpful because they give good advice and help us improve,” Funston said.

Girls golf has kicked off their second year as a team. The team for girls golf is high in spirit for the upcoming competitions.

“I’m hoping we finish well in our conference because we are third right now and I hope that we go to state again this year,” Ava Bechtel (’25) said.

They enjoy a good challenge during their matches.

“It is fun and challenging and I think that you should try it because when I first tried it out I thought that wouldn’t like it, but now I love it,” Greysen Curran (’26) said

All the players love playing golf. It is an active sport both physically and mentally.

“I just like the sport because it is fun to play and you meet new people,” Grace Rogers (’24) said.

Golf not only teaches the sport but life skills as well. 

“It helped me communicate better with people I don’t really know because you need to communicate for the scores and to encourage each other,” Tiana Clark(’25) said.

Many are glad they have joined golf and feel it has helped them grow as a person.

‘I really just wanted to try out a sport and I thought it was fun,” Bechtel said.

As well as being fun, you can find a connection with other golfers.

“I just like the sport because it is fun to play and you meet new people,” Rogers said.

Because golf is a no-contact sport, it can help relieve stress built from the day.

“The reason I joined golf was because it was the least competitive sport, and I find it calming,” Skylar Funston (25) said.

It isn’t just the players that make the team. The coaches are a big part of holding the team together.

 “I like them,” Rogers said. “They are both really nice and help me improve a lot. Since this is my second year playing, I think they have helped me get as good as I am now.” 

The team did have some words that they wanted to share about the team at North Point for all the students.

“Try out, we need more people,” Clark said.

“It’s fun, please join us. We need more people,” Funston said.