Ms. Kristen Mittler, the new English teacher here at our school

Meet Ms. Kristen Mittler

As we make way through the school year, and our school starts to become more recognized as we start our second official year, more and more people are coming through the gates of our school for the very first time. Students and staff. Freshman students enter the school ready to experience their first year of high school. And new teachers make their way into the school for the first time, ready to teach new students, ready to learn and prepare for college.

We have tons of new teachers this year, ready to teach a new generation of students. One of those new teachers we have this year is Ms. Mittler (room 216), an English teacher who also teaches at Timberland high school.

“I used to teach at Osage High School in Lake of the Ozarks, I taught English 3&4,” Ms. Mittler said. “I decided to teach here because I grew up in the area, and it felt like I was going back home. As of right now, I teach English 1&2. Because I feel at home here, I plan on staying here until I retire. I also help out with athletics on the side, I am the assistant cheerleading coach.

“I want to be a part of other programs here at the school, but I’m afraid that I can’t do such a thing with me also having to teach at Timberland High school,” Ms. Mittler said. “Outside of school, I mostly enjoy reading, it keeps my mind active and calm, but I do enjoy traveling. During the summer I went to Oregon, and I plan on going to Massachusetts sometime this year. Aside from that, I also happen to be pregnant with a baby boy! I’m expecting sometime during the first week of February.”

Ms. Mittler is already having a great time here at our school, and she’s adjusting well to her students, and the iffy block schedule. We all hope for all the new students and teachers to feel comfortable here and enjoy their time here at North Point High.

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