Dressing Up For HOCO Spirit Week


npgrizzlystuco (Instagram Account)

STUCO Spirit Week will be one to celebrate and remember.

Luke Chipley, Reporter

To make Homecoming Week a lot more fun and exciting, our student council has come out with the second “HOCO Spirit Week.” It’s a week with each day correlating with a certain theme to dress up as, leading to the upcoming Homecoming football game and the Homecoming dance.

The first day is called “Country V.S. Country Club.” You can dress up for a luxurious day at the country club or bring your wildest cowboy or cowgirl apparel.

For Tuesday, it’s “White Lie” day. Bring your own blank white shirt with a white lie about yourself and laugh at the results. Make sure to keep your ideas appropriate for school, however.

Wednesday is the “Color War.” Each grade of high school (and all of middle school) has their own color to wear. Seniors can wear hot pink, juniors can wear green, sophomores can wear yellow, freshman can wear blue, the school staff can wear white, and the entire middle school can wear orange.

On Thursday, we have “Grease Day.” Keep in mind, this does does not mean dressing up as someone from ancient Greece, but rather people from the famous musical/movie “Grease.”

And finally, we’ll end the week with “Zeus’s Lightning Bolt.” Bring any neon clothes you have to make yourself as radiant and blinding as the bolt of the lightning god himself.

While all of these themes are fun, please remember to use them wisely when dressing up. Remember to keep things appropriate for school so that things like these can happen all around the school year. But don’t hesitate to have fun as well, do something funny or cool, as long as you are aware of the boundaries that are set for these fun themes.

It’s exciting to see what all of you have planned for “HOCO Spirit Week,” keep things appropriate, but always remember to have fun.