Kicking It Into Action


Maggie Wallace

Jake Doerr (’25) gets ready to pass the ball to his teammates during a match against St. Charles.

When a new school year arrives, a brand new season approaches, and one to grow as a team and build memorable relationships. With a great start to the season, the JV team has a 3-2 record and room to improve down the road. 

This season alone the boys have worked very hard to overcome challenges and put up a fight against some of the toughest teams. With a great staff and supportive teammates, this team can accomplish anything. 

¨I am most proud of the team for their communication and how they rally in the second half,¨ coach Swanson said. 

Part of that success starts with two of the captains, two brothers, Brendon and Brice Balcom. Brice, as a sophomore has the experience and great leadership skills while Brendon, a freshman, is succeeding as an athlete and leads by example. 

Their teammates feel the same way.

“My coaches support me, definitely Brendon and Keaton work well with me,” Ezra Khanamuenwai (‘26) said. “But, Brendon and I have a lot of chemistry when he plays it from the back.”

Coach Carill, a new addition to the team has helped the team succeed in many ways. 

¨Working with Mr. Carill has gone well for the team because I haven’t worked with someone in a while,¨ Coach Swanson said.

Most of the athletes are just happy to be playing soccer for a new strong school that is just now starting to break through and show our identity. 

With the good moments, also come the tough ones that provide learning moments.

¨Our biggest hardship was when we played Troy and they scored in the last 40  seconds,¨ Brendon Balcom (‘26) said. 

The team overcame this and they did this through words from one athlete, Brendon Balcom. 

“We get through the rocky patches by encouraging things and making our mindset better,” Dominic Sienkiewicz (‘26) said. 

Despite the wins and losses, our grizzlies have grown so much as students and athletes and we are proud to have them representing our school. We know they will continue to do great things this season and in the seasons following.