Percy Jackson, The Musical


Tyson Swetnam as the lead role, Percy Jackson

Holliday Palazzolo, Design Editor

As we make way through the brand new school year with new & returning students, many different changes are being made in regards to WIN time, clubs, classes, and activities. But the theater program is working to make this year memorable for all students regardless of the changes that have been made. The theater program is in the process of preparing for the first Musical play of the year! This year the theater program is putting together: Percy Jackson, the lightning thief, the Musical. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Percy Jackson and the lightning thief: Percy Jackson is a boy who finds out that he’s the son of the Greek god of the sea, Poseidon. And once he finds this out, he goes on a journey to retrieve Zeus’s sacred lightning bolt from a powerful, evil wizard. 

Don’t miss out on this show on which our students have worked so hard. It’s going to be great.

Students who grew up reading the Percy Jackson books are ecstatic. The concept of Percy Jackson being turned into a musical is a preposterous decision, but the people running the musical are willing to jump through as many hoops as possible in order to make their first real musical go off with a bang!

“Choosing a good musical for this year was a bit of a challenge, we looked at a few options, but we eventually settled on Percy Jackson because of how popular it was, and how flexible the cast was,” Mr. Milhous, the head of the theater department said. “Casting people during auditions was very hard, we had a great turnout this year, and it was difficult choosing people that would suit the role perfectly. That being said, I’m happy with the cast we’ve chosen, and they’re all doing a very great job.”

Not just the staff, the cast of the musical is doing their best in order to make an impact for the first official musical play of the year.

“I was pretty nervous heading into auditions, but that can be said with anyone heading into auditions,” Tyson Swetnam said. “I wanted the lead role of Percy Jackson, and I was quite nervous whenever the official cast list came out. I brought the cast list back home with me, and I sat down at the dinner table with my family, with my hand over the casting sheet. I nervously moved my hand off the paper, but then we all screamed in excitement when we found out that I got the lead role.”

“Since I had a big impact in the final decision of the play, Mr. Milhous believed that I would gain a lot from being a part of the cast,” Ike Estep said. “Milhous was able to get me to come out of my shell and he got me to build up my confidence to sing. I ended up getting the part of Dionysus. I was nervous since I’m not used to going out on the stage and singing, but once Milhous got me to gather up my confidence, I’m excited to see how far this all goes, and I’m hoping to be more outgoing once it’s all over.”

Opening night for the Musical is in November, sadly, an official date for opening night has yet to be announced. Regardless, those who are involved in the musical are revving up for opening night, and are determined to make sure that this musical not only leaves an impact on the students but for the entire school!