Cheer On Girls


Emily Berghold

The varsity cheer squad pumps up the football teams at the blue and orange scrimmage game.

Varsity cheer kicked the season off early this summer in June. They train before the school year working on routines, stunts and endurance. This summer they went to cheer camp.

¨This summer was fun because we got to camp and learn a lot of new skills for the season,¨ Baylee Wasser (’25) said.

Currently their main focus is set on football season. They just got to be a part of the first North Point Varsity win for football. 

¨My favorite part about football season is going out on the field to perform during halftime,¨ Joie Dreisewerd (’25) said. 

They practice after school Monday through Thursdays from 2:45-4:00. 

¨Practices run pretty smoothly; they aren’t stressful which makes them fun,¨ Braelyn Mueller (’25) said.

Last year was the first season North Point Cheer formed. Some returners stated how the season has changed from last year. 

¨We work more together but the majority of things have stayed the same,¨ Evelyn Martin (’25) said.