Coach Lacy is a new health and P.E. teacher who also coaches basketball.

Julia Radi

Coach Lacy is a new health and P.E. teacher who also coaches basketball.

Meet Coach Lacy

As more and more teachers make their way into the grizzly nation, it is time to get to know them a little better. It is only the second year at North Point, which makes room for new talented teachers and coaches.

Today we are getting to know coach Lacy. As a PE, health, and basketball coach he knows a few things about setting goals. 

¨My goal is to watch players progress and grow throughout the year,¨ Lacy said.

Formerly a coach at Troy High School, Lacy is excited to join the North point staff.

¨I like the idea of going to a new school and doing new things,¨ Lacy said.

Coach Lacy has big plans for his future. He wants to eventually be a principal as he got his degree at Central Methodist University in administration and physical education. 

¨Right now I want to be a coach, but in the future I would like to be a principal,¨ Lacy said.

Diving deeper into his personal life, it is apparent that Lacy has a few fun things that make him unique. Food is one of these.

¨I am definitely a pizza guy,¨ Lacy said. 

A lot of people like pizza, but he is specifically a thin crust guy.

¨My favorite pizza place is Stefanina’s,¨ Lacy said. 

Coach Lacy thinks North Point is the best place for his goals and mindset. We know he will do great things for both students and athletes. 

On a really personal level, one thing that no one knows about him is one of his favorite TV shows.

¨But then everyone will know that about me,¨ Lacy said. ¨My favorite Netflix show is “Pretty Little liars”.¨

Coach Lacy has a bright future ahead of him.


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