He’s Got Spirit, Yes He Does

Izzy Smithey and Adianna Lynne


Izzy Smithey

Mr. Matteoni wears his orange suit to show his school spirit.

Izzy Smithey, Reporter

 As a new tradition for our school, Mr.Matteoni shows his school spirit with his well-known neon orange suit. Greeted on the first day of school, students meet Mr. Matteoni for the first time and wonder what he will be like.

“When I saw Mr. Matteoni on the first day of school, I thought he looked really nice,” Shane O’Leary (‘26) said. “I thought he would be a really fun and exciting teacher and I was right.”

The students like his Western Civilization classes and AP Government classes and admire him for his style.

“I thought he looked great and I’m gonna have to get one,” Chase Wieman (‘26) said.