Wentzville welcomes Ancient Greece


Student Council

A night in Athens, North Point’s Homecoming, will take place on October 8.

Adianna Lynne, Editor-in-Chief

August has passed and the leaves will begin to fall in little time, which indicates the arrival of this school year’s homecoming dance. The theme for this year has been decided by the current Student Council Staff and was announced this month as Ancient Greece.

The Homecoming football game will take place on 8 October, additionally, there will also be a  parade on the day prior, Oct. 7. The dance will take place outside on the football field unless plans are forced to alter due to weather conditions.

Homecoming shirts, designed by Student Council, are now available for purchase in the DECA room located in the cafeteria for $13. Food Trucks and refreshments for the homecoming game will be made available during homecoming by purchase.

Tickets for homecoming will be made available for purchase in two weeks by Student Council, and will begin at a starting price of $15. Homecoming night will take place on 8 October, guests will be welcomed with immersive scenery and beautiful Greek decorations to begin the night under the stars.