Best and Worst Films of 2022 So Far


Movies are pieces of media that can affect us exponentially.

Luke Chipley, Reporter

This year has been a big one when it comes to movies. We have had movies that thrill, shock, and impress. But with every good film that has come out, we have also had ones that aren’t so great. Even ones that had good expectations, but fell a bit flat. Here are some of those films from this year, but be aware that this is all opinion.

One very good film that came out this year was “The Batman.” It is an adaptation that brings out the darker and more grittier aspect out of the superhero, with a fitting atmosphere and tone to go along with it. And although the movie is extremely dark in terms of its atmosphere, there’s just enough of some silly comic book action to break away from the mood.

The characters are great as well, of course Batman being a great lead. Catwoman was very mysterious, and hard to follow due to her ever-twisting decisions. The Penguin was a fun side villain, one that was enjoyably nefarious. The Riddler was the most terrifying he has ever been, as in older “Batman” movies he was portrayed to be an extremely eccentric character. While he is still eccentric in this film, he is way more of a darker character than in those previous films.

While the third act of this movie is a little bit too long-winded, it still provides a perfect taste of a grittier version of Batman all the way through. It is a stellar film in the “Batman” franchise and a great film in general.

But while one superhero film worked out great, that doesn’t mean every single one will. This is the case for “Thor: Love and Thunder”, a sequel that was admittedly exciting, but sadly was a mediocre and awkward slapstick film.

“Thor: Ragnarok,” the film that came before “Love and Thunder,” went for a more comedic route thanks to the director Taika Waititi. Needless to say that “Ragnarok” was a success, and quite a good film as well, giving Thor a perfectly fine comedic tone. Unfortunately, the comedy in “Thor: Love and Thunder” was emphasized way too much, which didn’t come into the film’s favor.

It felt as if the comedy wasn’t really needed for the plot that this movie was going for, which if looking at it from a regular standpoint, seemed very dark. But instead, the movie weasels its way through this said dark plot with awkward jokes that don’t exactly stick the landing, and not really having as much character development as the film really needed.

The jokes this time around were not nearly as funny as the ones in “Ragnarok,” as the movie goes for comedy all too often. Most of the characters in the film were there to be comedic vessels. The rest were simply the most important ones, them being Thor, Jane Foster, and Gorr the Godkiller, which even then their development was mediocre at best. Jane Foster is a prime example, as her arc with dealing with cancer felt rushed in between all the action and comedy.

Overall, the film tries to keep its formula from “Ragnarok” going, but doesn’t stick to the landing by some choices in plot development and creation that weren’t that great.

Another good film that came out this year would be “Top Gun: Maverick,” the long-awaited sequel to the original “Top Gun” from all the way back in 1986.

This is another phenomenal film, one that takes its predecessor and improves it on all fronts. It has more action, more thrills, and surprisingly a lot more heartfelt moments.

Peter Mitchell is just as fun as he was in the original film, and Tom Cruise does a stellar job acting as the character. While there are quite a few new characters in the mix, each one is different and serves a purpose in the film, whether it be the woman that Peter pursues, or all the newbie crew members ready to fly and fight.

Speaking of flying and fighting, the film does this aspect nearly perfectly, having bigger stakes and thrills than the last movie.

The film also has some very heartwarming moments as well, that are sure to hit the hearts of anyone who has loved the original “Top Gun” movie.

Overall, a great sequel with the perfect package of thrills, emotions, and fun.

There is another movie though that tries to be fun, even enchanting and magical, but fails on all parts. This would be the new live-action rendition of “Pinocchio.”

Unfortunately, “Pinocchio” falls flat as another live-action film. While it does try to bring back the magic of the old movie back in 40s, this new film’s effort to do so lacks.

Most of the characters that are not humans are made with rather creepy CGI that doesn’t merge well with anyone else. For instance, whenever Pinocchio’s nose grows whenever he lies, the CGI seems to react in an odd way, making the character movement and expressions look awkward.

Tom Hanks’ role as Geppetto is lackluster at most, as his acting seems way less intent than in other films.

“Pinocchio” is a film that while it does give an honest effort to bring back the joys of the silly puppet, it falls flat due to some odd and uncomfortable CGI, and some mediocre acting.

The last movie that is most likely not worth a watch would be “Jurassic World: Dominion.” It is a disappointing film, as the expectations were pretty high with everyone.

Unfortunately, the film proceeds to commit some incredible sins. The movie blatantly takes a detour from the bigger plot at hand. In the previous “Jurassic World” film, we left off with dinosaurs roaming around the entire world, interacting with humans and human-made things. The film should have delved into the issues that the dinosaurs bring to the human race, and what the humans do that bring issues to the dinosaurs.

Instead, the movie completely detours into a less interesting plot about locusts, and how they are affecting the world. The film also tells of a family who is trying to hide their surrogate daughter, who just so happens to be a DNA-made clone. These two concepts have absolutely nothing to do with the bigger issue at hand.

And so the film delves into a mediocre spy-espionage action thriller that just so happens to have dinosaurs, and guests from the original “Jurassic Park” trilogy.

The film is disappointing with its plot and concepts. While the acting is still fine as ever, and some of the older characters have some funny dialogue, it doesn’t save the tragic sin that this film commits with completely detouring from the bigger plot at hand.

The final film that is very worthy of watching would be “Elvis,” a glamorous biopic that is interesting, heart-wrenching, and captivating.

The film goes through the entire life of Elvis Presley, known as one of the greatest musical superstars ever by many. But what people may not exactly know is what Presley had to go through in order to gain his legacy.

Austin Butler does an immaculate job with acting as Presley, and really brings the character to life. It truly feels like we are watching Presley himself as he sings his heart out.

Tom Hanks also does a fine job playing Colonel Parker, Presley’s villainous and abusive manager, who had a big roll in Presley’s downfall.

As said before, the film goes into great lengths of Elvis Presley’s life as a star. When he first discovered music, when he became famous, the effects of Presley becoming famous, and Presley’s downfall. While it does take a little too long to wrap up his story, it doesn’t stray from it and gives a full picture.

“Elvis” is overall a devastating biopic that gives a full picture of Presley’s life from beginning to end. Don’t expect the film to be a happy one, but expect it to be enlightening of his mindset, his fame, and his downward spiral.

These are all the films that you should or should not watch. Of course there is way more out there ready to be explored, watched, and enjoyed by many. But just remember that this is all from an opinionated standpoint.