Girls Tennis Varsity Double-Win


Dr. Adams

Our Girl’s Tennis Team stands strong on the tennis courts.

Luke Chipley and Nate Logan

Recently, the Girls Tennis Team won two victories against Hazelwood West and Washington in varsity doubles before winning the Fulton Tournament a few days later. With these achievements in mind, the girls have some thoughts about their performances.

“I felt that my partner and I needed a little more work on communicating,” Maggie Wallace (’25) said. “We also needed to work on our energy levels. We both get exhausted around the end point of our games.”

The team has already shown improvement since the beginning of the season.

“I think I improved a lot from last season,” Samantha Horn (’24) said. “Of course, there are always shortcomings, but I’m still happy to be with the team. I thought the games were good for us. Last season, we didn’t really have that many rings on our belt, so this year I think our team really grew.

Competition is always fierce at matches.

“They were good matches,” Isabella Bauer (’24) said. “The other teams fought really well.”

Before they actually got to play on the courts, the team had some fun as well.

“I had just woken up on the bus before our game,” Bauer (’24) said. “I was tired and wanted to go back to sleep.”

This year’s team seems to be getting along well and enjoying the comaraderie.

“I was just happy to be with the team,” Horn (’24) said. “My entire team and my doubles partner.”

Bauer (’24) had some particular thoughts on the team’s coach, Brendon Telker.

“Mr. Telker is an amazing coach,” Bauer (’24) said. “He knows how to critique us when we need it, he’s well rounded and he keeps our heads up at our low points in games.”

One of our exchange students chipped in, as she is on the team.

“I just love tennis, but I didn’t play on a team in France,” Victoire Bourdin-De-Bechillon (’25) said. “I played five times with my grandpa.”

We are very proud of our girls tennis team for putting in all of the efforts that they can. Not just for these tournaments, but for all of the fall season so far. Coach Telker has also done a wonderful job teaching the girls and in general chipping in his own effort to make our tennis team strong.