A Bird’s Eye View



Sydney Swanson

Getting ready for the flyover, Bella Bauer (24′) holds banners to welcome the helicopter. “It went by really quickly, but it was fun,” Bauer (’24) said. “It was really funny because we were waving way too early and we sat there waving for like two minutes.”

The first large event of the year, the Fox Fly Over, was a large success amongst the population of our high school and the community of Wentzville this morning. Students gathered before sunrise to celebrate their school pride outside by joining the administration.

“It was a beautiful morning, but it was early.” Elise Mahoney (’26) said. “I got to support my team and school.”

North Point High School was selected by Fox News to be this year’s school chosen to be flown over and broadcasted.

“We were asked if we would like to be a part of this amazing event, and I personally believe it will be a positive experience that will leave an impression on the incoming freshman and current high school students,” Amanda Shelmire said.

Inside and out, The Fox Fly Over brought students together even outside of the institution.

“It was really fun,” Elliana Weiler (’24) said. “Everyone was awake and happy and jumping up and down. Even if you didn’t know the person next to you, everyone was involved and having fun.”

Because of the early stage of the active school year, many clubs and organizations collaborated to coordinate the most effective plan for the morning. “It was STUCO’s first big event thus far and for all of the clubs,” Ike Estep (’25) said. Organized by administrators and helping students, the flyover represented the new emerging school year, taking off and eventually landing, ready for its next experience.



Skylar Funston (’24) arrives early to school to be here for the flyover. “I might be the only golf girl here, but I used this as an excuse to get to school early,” Funston said. (Swanson)