School Book Club


Luke Chipley

The library has mobile app themed decorations on the wall.

Luke Chipley, Reporter

As another year of our high school begins, so does our book club. The book club at our school was created by Mrs. Brockman and was held throughout all of last year, where members would indulge in reading certain books with fun themes that go along with them. And this year, it is back for another year to celebrate the joy of reading.

“We had thirty kids last year,” Brockman said. “and our club wasn’t just about reading. We had some arts and crafts, and other fun activities.”

Brockman also has some ambitions for the club.

“I’m hoping to extend the club, plan events, and have students gain leadership roles,” Brockman said.

The theme of the book club this year is all about iPhone social media apps. Each book that the members will read is catered to a certain app that can be used on a mobile phone (Youtube, TikTok, Snapchat, etc.).

One member who participated last year very much enjoyed his experience with the club.

“I thought the book club was really fun, and I liked that we could share what we were reading to everyone,” said Dominic Apostolides (’25).

Apostolides also had something to say about the concept of a book club itself and why it’s important.

“I think that the book club is something that you can do if you really love reading, and want to share that with others,” said Apostolides. “I also think that it can really help people if they are scared to talk or meet other people.”

The second year of the book club will begin in September, and will be on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month. The meetings will be held at WIN Time in the library. More information can be found in that meeting, and from Mrs. Brockman in the library.

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