Taxation without Representation


Courtesy of Creative Commons

Taxation without representation is a common term we hear, but few really understand it.

Quinton Meyer, Reporter

In 1775, the people of the 13 colonies wanted to be free from British rule and they fought the British army and won. The main problem that the people faced is being taxed without representation meaning the people got taxed without having a say on what the taxes go to.

Hundreds of years later, the United States of America is a national powerhouse, but is now doing what the British did years ago and are taking taxes from the paycheck of teens under 18 and in the U.S you can’t vote until you turn 18, meaning that if you have a job and you are under 18, you have to rely on others so you don’t get money taken from you.

In 2022, some jobs are hiring at 15$ an hour, meaning that a teenager can live off of that, but the tax isn’t that much in some states a 16-year-old kid can’t vote so why take their money from them.

The solution is if you’re under 18, you shouldn’t have to pay federal taxes because with billions of people on the planet and the people that have full-time jobs the math will add up enough to help the country. The problem is that teens can’t vote. In addition, with the economy now in 2022 and with gas prices the way that they are now, and with summer coming, they are only going to get higher and teens only make little money and have to pay for their own gas.

Something like this goes unnoticed, and with the country now in 2022, this is something that can be a problem. We basically are giving money without a say or a vote to choose where our tax money goes to we have to pay. Something needs to change because teens are basically getting robbed and for years this has been under the radar.