Springing Into The Spring Finals


Getting good grades on your finals will be very beneficial.

Luke Chipley, Reporter

The end of the school year is upon us, which means one thing. Finals are on the rise, a thought that every student dreads. Finals can sometimes make or break a student’s grade, so it’s detrimental that students take lots of time to study or work on whatever subject they need more experience with. While it seems pretty simple, it’s also time-consuming, stress-inducing, and mentally exhausting.

Students often hate finals because they have to spend so much time on eight different humungous assignments or tests that have a big risk of dropping their grades. How does a student manage to complete them without losing their mind? What kind of routines could students do to possibly help themselves out?

A lot of students deal with the pain of mental exhaustion and stress when dealing with finals, and that’s no secret. Students should remember to take breaks every once in a while from studying or working on presentations. You should use a lot of effort into your studies, of course, but taking some time to clear your mind with fun activities is beneficial to doing well. You can look at your phone, go outside, eat something, or just sit down and close your eyes.

Ask your parents if they could help you. Of course, if they can’t, that’s fine. But if they say yes, you can add a component to your studying: quizzes. Your parents can ask you some questions for you to remember, then you will have to answer. In this way, you will be able to remember what answers are correct and incorrect on the day of the tests.

If you can’t get your parents to help you out, maybe your friend who’s in the same classes as you could chip in. That way, you both are studying and gaining knowledge. These are all methods to help you do well for the finals. It’s gonna be a bit rough, but remember to keep pushing forward to do well. Good luck on finals, everyone!