Baseball Update



We can’t wait for what next year will being us. These boys are going to bring our school far. Way to go! Goodnight 2021-2022 School year.

Riley Pulley, Reporter

Here we are going into our last FULL week of school. The 2021-2022 school year has gone by so fast. As we end such a great school year, our athletes are finishing up their season. Soccer has done amazing, and Baseball is on their way to districts. Track is over and they even went to GAC’S! They have done absolutely phenomenal. Monday 15, 2022 They were on their way to Districts. 

“What I liked most about the districts was the environment we had. I can’t wait until we’re better and can go deep into districts and maybe states,” Cody Nunnery (‘25) said. 

Our students did great with cheering them on and giving them a reason to keep their heads up. Being the first year of having our students here at our school and going to districts is a huge thing. We got some talent in the den!

“It was a great experience to play in the playoff atmosphere,” Carter Briddell (‘25) said.

Briddell and his twin brother Peyton Briddell love playing for our high school. They put their all into that game and even though they did not get the win, they still hold their heads up high and wake up with a positive attitude. 

“Baseball isn’t just a game, it’s life,” Kevin Mangrum (‘25) said. 

These boys have a passion for baseball. Once they get on the field it’s not just a win or a loss. It’s a part of them that they will learn from to get better. Mangrum has a heart that wants to go somewhere with baseball, not just live in the “it’s just a game” mindset. 

We have finally wrapped up the last few games and they are already for next year and what it will bring them. If you want to be a part of the Baseball Team go ahead and try out next spring.