Grizzly Claw Awards


Raeleigh Meyer

The Grizzly Claw awards were an exciting for all students receiving an award.

Maggie Wallace, Editor-in-Chief

Receiving a Grizzly Claw award is an amazing achievement for any student. For the 2021-2022 school year 58 students received this honor. It came with a certificate, a speech about them, and a medallion to wear at graduation. 

“It was super fun before the ceremony when the curtain was down, we were all playing guessing games on which teacher picked who, during the ceremony, it was great to see of faces of when we guessed right or when students were elated to meet the teacher in the middle of the stage,” Elliana Weiler (‘25) said. 

The student was nominated by one of their teachers for the positive contribution they make to our school and for their dedication to excellence. 

The students didn’t know which teacher nominated them until their name was called to receive the award. A picture of the recipient was displayed on the screen behind them. They stood with the teacher that nominated them for a picture. 

“I wasn’t nervous about going up. I just didn’t want to go first,” Gracie Jones (‘25) said. 

The students chosen were: Colter Alvarez (‘25), Dominic Apostalides (‘25), Makiya Bolden (‘25), Carter Briddell (‘25), Kylee Caskey (‘24), Luke Chipley (‘25), Regan Clercx (‘25), Braden Clohessy (‘25), Tyler Clohessy (‘23), Domenic Colombatto (‘25), Tinisha Dabeny (‘24), Jada Davis (‘23), Ryan Dreiling (‘25), Brianna Eaker (‘23), Brandon Eischen (‘23), Ike Estep (‘25), Casey Fosson (‘25), Caroline Frank (‘25), Skylar Funston (‘25), Daniel Galiano Rouge (‘25), Tabitha Gavers (‘23), Rachel Goldberg (‘25), Adianna Hall (‘25), Micheal Hammond (‘24), Brayden Harris (‘23), Valoria Harris (‘25), Jai Heister (‘25), Aaron Huesmann (‘23), A’nija Hughley (‘24), Carmen Jones (‘25), Gracie Jones (‘25), Trinity Jones (‘23), Jerry Keeton (‘24), Emelia Lakebrink (‘24), Madison Lueck (‘24), Taelyn Mapes (‘23), Makayla Markus (‘23), Rachel Meyers (‘25), Allison Millers (‘25), Jamie Morley- Park (‘24), Mackenzie Morris (‘24), Madison Mueller (‘23), Kyla Munoz (‘24), Branden Numnich (‘25), Carson Phelps (‘24), Brooke Purler (‘24), Adalee Reinker (‘24), Kaylah Robinson (‘25), Isaac Rogers (‘25), Mckensey Rose (‘24), Jackson Sapp (‘23), Charlies Stanfill (‘25), Tamaruis Toles (‘25), Sydney Vangundy (‘25), Maggie Wallace (‘25), Elliana Weiler (‘25), Raeven Wilcox (‘25).

After the ceremony, there was cake and punch in the cafeteria for everyone to enjoy and hang out. The parents and grandparents really enjoyed this time.

“I like cake and awards,” Goldberg (‘25) said.