Is Mental Stress Affecting Celebrities?


Famous people can’t seem to catch a break at all.

Luke Chipley, Reporter

It’s 2022, and we’re not even halfway through the decade. So many things have happened these last three years: COVID spreading worldwide causing a pandemic, the rise of “Black Lives Matter,” Joe Biden being elected for president, the invasion of the USA state capital and the Ukrainian War. These things are not nearly half of the news forecasts and rumors that spread all around the world during these years.

As of now in 2022 though, other than the Ukrainian War, news of celebrities being violent has been on the rise. Of course, the iconic “Will Smith Slap” ran through all of the internet in March, which needs no explaining. Recent news hit about how Mike Tyson had attacked a man on a plane. The man was apparently drunk and was causing trouble for Tyson.

Even more recent news, during one of his live shows, Dave Chapelle was attacked on stage. The man ran up to Chapelle and launched towards him, who then got made fun of by Chapelle, and beaten up by security. All of these incidents recently that relate to violence and celebrities have made this year quite an interesting one, but also bring up a point about our celebrities in general, and make us question how they are doing.

All celebrities have to go through a lot when they’re in the position they are, which for some it is too much. They have to deal with the overwhelming appreciation from fans, which sometimes can go too far. Or the overwhelming hate against them from others, which can also go too far.

Even the industry that supports those celebrities can be hard on them. It can put severe mental strains on the celebrity that hold them down, leading them to do actions as the ones said earlier. And of course, minor situations that can cause celebrities to act up like this are possible as well, in fact possibly more than bigger strains. Mike Tyson beat up a plane passenger because of the simple fact that he was making fun of Tyson, and not leaving him alone. Of course, there could have been more to what Tyson was feeling that night, but what happened happened.

Will Smith’s situation is a lot more complicated, as many theories have spawned about “the slap.” One thing is for certain, and it is that Will was feeling some mental strain from before and after. Probably from his wife, and the pressure of what to do after Chris Rock had landed that joke.

Dave Chapelle’s situation doesn’t involve him being violent himself, but rather being attacked on stage. While this incident happened quickly, it had to have given Chapelle some thought about the people who don’t necessarily like him. These situations will be spread throughout the whole world, and will most likely be remembered by those celebrities for a long time.

Celebrities cannot seem to catch a break at all, which is coincidentally what they need. If celebrities had some way to catch a break from all of the praise, hate, and pressure from the fans and the industry, celebrities wouldn’t act up in these situations as they do. Perhaps a mental health day for them is necessary, a day away from work, social media, and fame.

A mental break day every once in a while helps a lot of regular people, like moms who are under the pressure of taking care of their children. If those moms take time to regroup themselves from the parenting pressure, they can help out their kids more and overall have a better attitude for themselves.

It’s the same thing for celebrities. The pressures of being in fame bring stress to those celebrities, causing them to lash out, or just not be happy at all. A mental day is what is needed for them, and should be supported more like a concept in industries like Hollywood. In that way, we can get tamer, more positive news about the actors, musicians, and athletes we like to watch.