Farewell to Dr. Cain, Our Superintendent


Madi Nemec

Dr. Cain’s Farewell Celebration was a huge success and schools showed up with their bands, cheer teams, dance teams and even their mascots.

Riley Pulley, Reporter

Dr. Cain is leaving our district and he is going out in style. All the elementary, middle and high schools came together outside of Timberland high school. They brought their bands, their cheerleaders, their dance teams and even their mascots. The celebration for Dr. Cain continued inside the building and was a huge success.

The Timberland band followed Dr. Cain as he walked up to the school for his farewell celebration. photo by Madi Nemec
Isabelle Kallbrier (’24) and Natalie Kidd (’24) play in the band together and prepare for the big entrance. “It made me happy to see him happy with all of the support with the students and their goodbyes,” Nemec said. photo by Madi Nemec
Cheerleaders put stickers of Dr. Cain’s face on their sleeves. “It was heartwarming and I liked seeing him one last time before he left,” Lina Carpenter (’24) said.
The new cheer coach, Coach Rosner, brought a group of girls to the celebration, helping the bond strengthen. photo by Madi Nemec 
All four bands came to the celebration and Dr. Cain praised them immensely. photo by Madi Nemec