E.O.C Exams



Get your learning caps on, were diving into E.O.C Week!

Riley Pulley, Reporter

Monday, May 16 and Wednesday, May 18, 2022, students will start taking their E.O.C’s (End of Course Exams), which for some can be nerve taking. All week we have been reviewing for them. Some take it in Algebra, Biology or American History. We have students from all grades studying and ready to take on their last exam of the 2021-2022 school year. With only three weeks left of school. What do our students have to say about these upcoming exams?

“I’m nervous, but our school is super understanding about taking time on these types of tests, and I feel really comfortable doing it here, more than I would at any other school,” Natalie Foster (‘25) said.

Our school is pretty good if you ask me. The E.O.C is an important test, and since it’s going to be 15% of the students’ grades, known as a final. The teachers have been super supportive and helped us review to make sure we get the best and most accurate score on it!! One of our students has it in Algebra 1, and she isn’t too stoked. 

“I am nervous, but excited to help my grade out a little bit and see my growth from the beginning and end of the school year, and hopefully it’s an exponential growth,” Elisia Cintron (‘25) said. 

I think she did pretty good with that one. Christopher Purcell, her math teacher, would be very proud of her! I can tell she has been studying. Ask her what that means six months before today. Although Cintron is looking on the bright side, there are still some students who have been stressed and hope to do good to really improve their grade. 

“I’m nervous, but still hoping to do good on them and pass the class,” Amaris Delgado (‘25) said. 

It’s almost the weekend, open your books and get studying. It will be totally worth it.