Thoughts about Miss Holmes


Holliday Palazzolo

Watson and Sherlock investigate the intense scene of the crime.

Holliday Palazzolo, Reporter

As students are starting to take it easy as the end of school year gets closer and closer, the Theater Program here is also taking some well-deserved rest after blowing everyone away at their most recent play, Miss Holmes! Countless students worked very hard in order to make the play go off with a bang! Despite having a few hiccups during the play, the students made sure to put their blood, sweat, and tears into the play. 

Miss Holmes follows the iconic story of Sherlock Holmes, but by turning the two main roles into women, it allowed the audience to experience the struggles that women had to face decades ago in London. Many of the actors did the best they could to make their characters come to life on stage, and they did a great job doing it!

“I was a little shocked when I found out that I got cast, but I was super excited because this would be my first time on stage, and not only that, I got a lead role on my first try!” Meagan Zumwalt, actress for Dr. Watson said. “I wasn’t very nervous during rehearsals, in fact, I was excited because I would get to see everyone’s character truly come to life. When the play was over, I felt relieved because it felt as if a giant weight was lifted off my shoulders. When I finally got back to school, a part of me felt really special because everyone came up to tell me how great I was in the play, and I felt really good about it.”

Before and after the play, the theater team had to endure back-breaking work in order to have the first official play of the school make an impact. The directors/producers, the tech crew, and the actors encountered many roadblocks, before AND during the play.

“One of the platforms broke onstage on Friday, I feel like we should’ve spent more time checking everything, and fixing any issues we came across before the play,” Jamie Morley, the stage manager said. 

Thankfully, the rest of the play went swimmingly as the actors had more chances to truly come to life on stage.

“Finding people who were perfect for their roles wasn’t much of a challenge, almost everyone we cast did a great job,” Mr Milhous said. “As opening night got closer and closer, I was fairly confident that everything was going to go alright. Everything kinda fell into place on opening night so I was very proud of everyone involved in the play.”

As the year comes to an end, the theater team can end the year knowing that they gave it their all for the two productions that they provided us. Next year, without a doubt, will have much more in store for students wishing to add some spice to their life. We all look forward to seeing you all on stage next year!