Are We Out of the Pandemic Phase?

The Covid 19 virus

The Covid 19 virus

Quinton Meyer, Reporter

Over the past two years, the world has been on alert for a new pandemic to come back and force the whole world back into their homes and wearing masks in public. In March of 2020, the Covid 19 virus hit the U.S and forced everything to shut down and force people into their homes. Many had no idea what to do or what would happen to the world. In a span of days, travel was shut down and the surgical mask that surgeons and sick people would wear became commonplace. That was the new normal. To leave the house and go to the store, you had to wear a mask. 

Now two years later in 2022, most of the masks are gone and almost everything is back to normal, but the population still has some fears of Covid 19 making a return. And the big question that the whole world wants to know is are we out of the pandemic phase? The logical answer is yes, the dark ages of Covid are over. Since the pandemic, we have developed the vaccine and most of the population has taken it.

And now, fans are allowed back in the stands of professional sporting events, and people are allowed to travel. But there are still people out there, and you can understand why. It is because Covid 19 is like the flu, People can still contract the virus and it can kill people and no one wants to die. 

Unlike the flu, though, it shut down the whole world and changed everything. Something that we as a population need to realize is that we need to put Covid 19 behind us and continue our normal life and continue to live like it’s 2019 again and not be scared of Covid 19.