How to Survive 18 Days of School!


Looks like these girls have it figured out. Evelyn Martin (’25) can’t wait to hangout with friends and Dakota Rikard (’25) is ready for summer.

Riley Pulley, Reporter

As we roll into the last month of school, tests are coming up, and warm weather is finally showing up (well, here and there). The dreadful 6:00 o’clock wake-ups are coming to an end. Next year, there will be seniors and new students. What is going to happen while we wait for that bell to ring at 12:20 on Jun 2, 2022

“I’m going to hang out with Dakota Ivancic because I don’t talk to anyone else,” Caitlin Middendorf (‘25) said.

There are finals coming up, June 1 and June 2. Both of those days are early release days.

Terrifying. High school is going to go by in a blink of an eye. With a new school, we have gone through a lot of transitions. Sports have improved, grades have improved and friendships have come together. If you haven’t found your crowd yet, it’ll come. 

“I’m going to just hang out with friends throughout the weekdays and work on cheer over the weekends,” Dakota Rikard (‘25) said. 

Ways to get past the last month of school are by studying, working on the E.O.C tests and preparing for the finals. 

School goes by fast when you’re having fun.

My favorite phrase to say is, “High school will go by fast, spend it with the right people and enjoy it because you can’t live in high school forever.”

“I’m going to hang out with friends and work on my studying and pass the E.O.C tests,” Evelyn Martin (‘25) said. 

It’s not too late to finish the end of the year well. You can work on your grades, hang out with good friends and laugh. To my juniors, enjoy it! You’re a senior next year. Summer is right around the corner. Friends make school a lot better.