To cap or not to cap

The baseball cap represents the slang word cap.

The baseball cap represents the slang word “cap”.

In today’s world, we as humans have found ways to make our sentences shorter and we use code words to communicate with each other. It is called slang and we use it every day in talking to someone or when we text each other. It is used everywhere every day.  At our school, there are slang words we use, and here is some insight as to what they mean.

Some of the most common are dope=cool or awesome, gucci=good, cool or going well, and salty=cool or sweet. Some of the newer terms and the most common now are cap/nocap=truth or lie, a karen= a middle-aged woman who is rude to people and thinks that the world revolves around her. 

Slang is all around us, especially around high schoolers. Slang is a different way of talking and communicating to someone and it is easier to say cap than it is to say someone is lying. Slang usually comes from videos on the internet or when someone says something and then it spreads.  

 The way of using complete sentences is past us and slang is taking over the world and it isn’t a bad thing because it is different from just speaking in full sentences and using the correct words for everything you say. Slang is different and fun to use when you’re talking to someone and it is a good way to be different from everyone else.