First Two Track Meet Results


Courtesy of Creative Commons

The track team had a very strong start for their meets and hope to keep the momentum going.

Dawson Schriewer, Reporter

The 2022 track season has started and just had its first few meets on Saturday the 19th and Friday the 25th. Overall, the Grizzlies did very well for the first meets of the season. Even though there was bad weather, they were able to pull it together and get through the first two meets.

In the girls’ long jump event, Alyssa Anderson placed first with an impressive distance of 4.73 meters. There were also 5 other girls that competed in this specific event, and all placed fairly well.

“I think the first two track meets went really well for our team”, Coach Weidner says. “It was great to see all of our athletes out and competing, even if Mother Nature wasn’t quite cooperating. Our first meet was quite cold and rainy with our second meet having crazy wind. In spite of those things, North Point athletes stepped up and did a great job. With a team primarily made up of freshmen and sophomores, our young roster will continue to try out different events and train to build a solid base for the rest of the season and future. I’m personally excited for our “throws crew” and all of the personal bests they will set this season”.

In the boys’ javelin, Keanu Flores currently holds the school record with an impressive 28.22-meter throw. Right behind Keanu is William Coppedge, with another impressive distance of 26.60 meters.

In the 4×800 relay, the boys’ team pulled out a first-place finish with a total time of 10 minutes and 22 seconds. They finished with a 6 second lead in front of a team from Lutheran high school.

Overall, the first two meets of this season will be remembered forever and everyone that participated should be very proud. With every team member’s strength, determination and character, there is no obstacle that they can not beat. Hopefully, this very impressive track team can keep the streak going for the next meet on Friday, April 1st, and many meets to come.