April Fools


Holliday Palazzolo, Reporter

April fools. Some people see it as a great opportunity to pull the greatest prank they’ll ever pull all year. Others see it as a day to fear because they never know what could happen, and they could end up as the victim of a great prank. Celebrated on April 1st, April fools dates back to 1582, when France switched from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar, as called by the council of Trent in 1563. People who were slow to get the news and figure out that it was the start of April were then referred to as “April fools” and those same people became the butt of jokes and the center of pranks. 

April fools day may not be a national holiday loved by everyone, but those who embrace it give it their all in order to make someone an April fool and do their best in order to stage a legendary prank! Thankfully, many students here at the school know their stuff when it comes to practical jokes and pranks, whether it’d be them pranking someone else, or them being the victims of someone else’s April fools prank. 

“I once scared my stepmom on April Fools with my dad,” Helaina McClanahan said. “We called my stepmom on the phone, crying. We told her that her new car was on fire. She immediately came speeding home only to find us running circles around her car.”

Very common April Fools pranks include whoopie cushions, plastic bugs, or even telling someone: “hey, it says gullible on the ceiling.” 

“My brother and I once put a bunch of fake but realistic-looking bug toys in my mom’s bed,” Meagan Zumwalt said.

However, many older generations who are much more experienced with their pranks can come up with REALLY creative ways to get back at someone, especially on April fools.

“My friends and I decided to get back at this one dude who was a real prick to us during our senior year of high school,” Benjamin Palazzolo said. “What we did is we got a few big cans of shaving cream, froze them, and once they were finished freezing, we pried them out of the cans until we got just the frozen block of shaving cream. Once we were finished doing that, we put them in the dude’s car. Because shaving cream expands once it’s out of the can, as the blocks of frozen shaving cream unfroze, they began to expand. Next thing you know they exploded all over the inside of this guy’s car. There was so much shaving cream in that car that you could see some of it leaking out of the windows.”

Although not that many people celebrate or enjoy April fools, those who do enjoy this unofficial holiday try and do their best in order to stage the best prank they’ve ever done! However, many people who happen to often be the target of such pranks have to stay vigilant during April fools. But as the years go by, pranksters continue to get more and more creative, therefore the pranks only get better year after year! Here’s a good April fools prank for anyone who needs any ideas. Remove the cap from your shower head, grab a paintbrush & some red food dye, paint the red food dye on the showerhead, and screw the cap back on. When someone goes to take a shower, the red food dye will mix with the water, and it’ll look like the showerhead is spraying out blood.

As April Fools gets closer and closer, students who enjoy getting a laugh out of the pranks they pull continue to storm up ideas for their next big prank! So happy April fools everyone! Happy pranking!