What’s the Most Popular Sport?

Keely Williams (25), Maggie Wallace (25), and Iris Swafford (25) all have opinions on sports here at the Den.

Keely Williams (’25), Maggie Wallace (’25), and Iris Swafford (’25) all have opinions on sports here at the Den.

Riley Pulley, Reporter

There are a variety of sports here at our school, but what is the most popular sport: Cheer, Basketball, Track? There are a lot of people on each team trying something new. As new incomers enter our school, this Sport could decrease or Increase in popularity. 

“I think Wrestling is the most popular sport because everyone wants to try something new and there are a lot of kids,” Keely Williams (‘25) said. 

Keely has been interested in Wrestling since she became a Wrestling Girlfriend. She is a current Cheerleader, maybe she’ll change it up. 

“I think Football is popular because it is the most American sport. A lot of high schools fund for Football, everyone shows up and has fun with spirit,” Iris Swafford (‘25) said. 

There are a lot of coaches for these sports, and a lot of the athletes who are trying out and doing the sports are either new or have experience with the sport. The sports has progressed even more with the amount of students who want to be involved with sports.

“I think the most popular sport is Football, because the games are convenient and everyone goes to the games. We live in Missouri so everyone likes it,” Maggie Wallace (‘25) said. 

There are a lot of opinions at our school, but there are a lot of sports that could have an opinion on. With next year coming this all could change, but these sports are pretty known for their amount of people and the fundamentals of the sport. 

If you want to try wrestling or football and have the same opinions and see if it’s true, they still want more wrestlers and more football players. Contact the head wrestling and or football coach if you’re interested.Christopher Purcell .  (wrestling) al [email protected] (football). These coaches are more than happy to have more athletes be apart of the family.