Spring Play rehearsals


Actors and actresses for Miss Holmes rehearsing for the play

Holliday Palazzolo, Reporter

As the first year of North point draws closer and closer to its end, many students begin to wonder.

“How will we make the first year of North Point special as the school year begins to come to an end?” Minh Ngo (’23) said.

But worry no more! The theatre program is here to satisfy your wants and desires! The theatre team here at North Point is giving it their all for the first official play of the school, Miss Holmes. The auditions for the play were held on January 26, and the official cast of the play was chosen the next Friday. The play will hold its opening night on April 7th and will run from April 7th to 9th. For students who aren’t familiar with Sherlock Holmes, the story follows a detective named William Sherlock Scott Holmes as he travels across the United Kingdom, solving mysteries and doing whatever he can to bring down his nemesis who wishes to wreak havoc amongst the streets of England. Miss Holmes follows the same story as the original Sherlock Holmes, but the lead role is played by a woman. 

The play follows the same premise and story as the original Sherlock Holmes, but by turning the main characters into women, it shows the struggles, discrimination, obstacles that came with being a woman around 1837 trying to pursue their dreams.

“I think the group of students we picked for the play are more than perfect for their roles,” Mr. Milhous said. “They’ve been doing a really great job and I’m really proud of the progress they’ve made already. They’ve done a really great job getting in character and adding personality to each of their roles.”

The students who are a part of the theatre crew have been doing their best to prepare for the upcoming play despite the number of snow days getting in the way. Thankfully, the students have been cooperating well with the staff, and have been working around any obstacles that have been in their way. Not only that, the actors have been giving it their all to prepare for the play.

“I was very nervous when I went up to audition, and I didn’t think that I was going to be casted,” Meagan Zumwalt said. “I ended up getting cast as Watson, but I would’ve been okay with anyone else. I was really excited when I found out that I got the role I wanted, so much to the point where I told my whole family.”

The theatre program still has several weeks until the oping night for Miss Holmes, but everyone in the theatre department is giving it their all in order to make the first play of the school year special.