Girls Soccer Kicking In To Gear


Raeleigh Meyer

The up coming girls soccer season is almost ready for a kick start.

Raeleigh Meyer, Reporter

It’s already that time when the days get warmer and our spring sports are starting off. The girl’s soccer tryout has been held every day this week after school, and the girls have been doing lots of running and possession drills. Today they will be holding their first practice of the season. 

“Tryouts were hard and tough, but they were also good, my favorite part of tryout were the passing drills we did,” Catherine Hunn (‘25) said.

Hunn wants to play center mid-field and has been playing soccer for 10 years.

“I think this season is going to be very hard because we are all mostly freshmen, and sophomores and we will be going up against seniors, juniors, and sophomores,” Hunn said.

Pryer to tryouts the soccer girls were in preseason workouts to prepare for tryouts and the upcoming season.

“I like soccer because I can express myself in it,” Amelia Foster (‘25) said.

Foster has been training outside of school as well.

“I believe this season is going to go well because we have a lot of girls who are experienced,” HaleyTebow (‘25) said. “I think it’ll be a good season.”

Tebow plays mostly defense.

“I love soccer because you get to work with a whole bunch of people, and it’s a team game,” Tebow said.

The start of the girl’s soccer season is looking bright. They are putting in hard work, and they hope to start off strong. Good luck team.